Nature is us

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We’ve always considered that days spent in the mountains, in the middle of the forest, along cristalline waters, breathing the clean air and cooking only what mother nature has provided for us, is the healthiest way of life. Since we were kids we loved to go to the mountains with the sun tendering our skin, the eyes and the brains relaxed when seeing the evergreen forests surrounding us. Every possible year we went on top of the mountains, during summer or winter, to get our dose of fresh air, far from big cities’ bustle, far from non-sense in-town run-arounds, away from stress.

It is an escape to search for our neglected health. To a healthier way of life in a better world, where we need to understand and to protect the role of nature in our life, to try to live as eco as possible, appreciate ourselves together with everything surrounding us. Giving up our homes at least one day per week to plant a tree or a flower, to clean up the forests at least once every year, to segregate and put away carefully our every day waste.

Lets profit out of the nature, lets spend more time in open-air, lets value more every moment spent in the middle of our forests. Lets go up the mountains more often, to get back to our jobs full of energy, enlightened and healthy.