Stimulate hair growth naturally

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Going bald is a nightmare for men and women alike. Even though hair is not a vital element of our body, we do not want to lose one of the features that could change our looks with a simple turn of the comb. Unfortunately, due to a stressful lifestyle, emotional problems or other medical issues we become prone to having thinner hair that grows slower and slower with every passing year until it eventually stops altogether. There are a few tricks that help you maintain your mane deep into your retirement years, and the most effective one is a simple addition of nutritional supplements to your daily diet.

Naturally vs. chemically made products

In recent years, medicine has made an abrupt turn for more natural products rather than the chemically-infused ones of the past and hair growth supplements make no exception. Provillus is one of them and the fact that it is produced from 100% natural sources it ensures that the body assimilates it fast and easy in order to help the hair grow back in a similar manner. More than 92% of the consumers have reviewed it as a highly-efficient product that rewarded them with the pleasure of having longer and thicker hairs.

Before Provillus came along, balding men and women had to undergo expensive and complicated surgeries that promised natural-looking implants. The end result was more than often a failure and forced most of the patients to cover their head every time they left home in order to avoid embarrassing situations. With this supplement, however, patients can live ordinary lives and witness their hair growing back in less than six months of constant treatment.

Stimulate with nutrients

Hair growth with Provillus

There are separate pills produced for both men and women and it is mandatory that you take the ones that suit you. Usually, men experience a faster rate of hair loss due to hereditary genes, aging and stress. Women lose a big portion of their hair during pregnancy, menopause and hormonal imbalance. The hair growing cycle is also different in both sexes and the doctors behind Provillus have separated the amounts of nutrients according to the natural needs of males and females.

Because it is made only of natural elements, this supplement has no side effects on the consumers. However, due to its high level of magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6, it is not recommended for pregnant women to use it as it might affect their hormonal levels. After the pregnancy has been concluded, Provillus finally becomes a safe and effective supplement of hair regrowth for the recovering mother.

Solve your need for natural compounds

Provillus comes in two different forms: a topical solution that you apply to your scalp in daily regular massages and capsules, of which you take two per day during one of your meals, preferably lunch. The lotion contains minoxidil, a recent medical breakthrough that is FDA-approved and which has been proven to stimulate hair regrowth in a natural manner. The pills are the sum of a series of natural compounds that your body desperately needs in order to revive the dead follicles and have them produce thicker and longer hairs again.